Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monsters of the Deep

Hey Chad, so you were standing in front of a giant squid this week??
Well this one's for you! Actually, if it wasn't for the limitations of the 4th dimension, we might have both been looking at a squid that day... oh well.

Anyhow, the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario, has a pretty swell exhibit on the oceans of the world. And what would that exhibit be without some portion of a giant squid somewhere? Not quite as exciting, that's what. There was pretty gnarly arm and an intact beak (as intact as it could be without being attached to the rest of the squid, that is... maybe they pulled it out of a whale's belly?)

Then there was a pretty cool model of the biggest creatures (THAT WE KNOW OF!!) that live in the ocean... A whale shark, a colossal squid (not to be confused with a giant squid), and a blue whale. And of course a little person for scale, but a mermaid would have been equally effective.
I thought it was really cool.