Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cryptozoology in our homes

If Cryptozoology is the study of creatures that may or may not exist, I offer this; a hypothetical drawing of the squirrel OR SQUIRRELS living in my attic.

Let's start with the facts. I know they're up there... and I just KNOW they're going through all my stuff, playing with my old toys, wearing my old t-shirts, wearing out our Christmas lights and making one hell of a lot of noise.

And I KNOW they're red squirrels, too! I've chased them in the backyard. Little bastards...


Brand New BBQ

Hey there Ladies and Gents (and anything else), welcome to DAY 1 of the brand new FLATLANDERS BBQ... Dinosaurs, Cryptozoology, Drawerings... my god, we have it all.
Why not start by introduces the key players? Here's a nearly photographic account of Chad Covino and myself, Corey Waurechen, on a recent Dinosaur hunt.
More BBQ'ers and more BBQ's coming soon! Like, faster than a deinonychus on Thursday.