Saturday, October 18, 2008

My intention is to do a self portrait - hopefully this weekend if i can get organized - but before I do I wanted to post this. There's a lot happening in this photos but i've yet to take a picture of the portrait on it's own. That was Rizzo and my apt in van, that was the art wall, which always had masonite and canvas and MDF lined along it and art supplies spewing from dense right near to wall to a shoreline of walkable floor a few feet away.

I did this portrait in maybe 10 or 15 minutes. It felt reallllly good. I had a good but weird and unexpected day. Came home, took the mirror off Rizzos wall and sat and did it. It's the big ugly childlike face. I don't know how much it 'looks' like me technically, but it works. I'd say it's one of my fav self portraits. The morning i had to fly back home Rizzo and I had to score it, then snap it in half to fit it in my suitcase, which was symbolic i think of having to come home.

Anyways, finally I have something to post! More soon hopefully.


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