Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pokemon and Cryptozoology

Did you ever stop to consider how different Cryptozoology would be in the world of Pokemon?


Well I can tell you it would be a MUCH different profession... For one thing, it would probably be considered a credible scientific vocation. (no offense, but seriously...)

Think about it, they're discovering new Pokemon all the time! You can't go two years without some stupid kid catching a so-called Legendary Pokemon.
"Legend? Pffft--Are you kidding? Jimmy down the street caught one last week... taught it to surf, too."
Oh sure there'd still be TONS of speculation... like the old catch-and-release trick, if you know what I mean. "Yeah I caught me one. An 'e waz 30 foot tall if 'e waz an inch! But I let 'im go, I did."
Sure thing, Grampa.
I'll let your imagination do the rest of the talking, but just keep in mind how cool it would be to be able to go on a Bigfoot expedition, catch him, train him, and then enter him in a beauty contest.


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Chad C. said...

MAN ALIVE THIS IS AWESOME!! I have to show people! haha.